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VSK manufactures state-of-the-art shooting solutions.  Our Mobile Shooting Ranges are the best in class.  Our modular Green Range system is ideal to create new or retrofit existing ranges  while providing an ideal solution to meet ever-growing EPA standards. 

VSK supplies a variety of materials and related gear, choosing only exceptional manufacturers and delivering materials of the highest standards to meet the rigorous and demanding requirements of our clients.  

VSK Tactical offers elite firearms and tactics training.  Special forces, law enforcement and security  agencies call upon VSK Tactical for their training requirements. Our Instructors are the best from around the globe and bring their real-life experience to our clients. 


VSK Tactical supports Military, Security, Law Enforcement & other Government personnel with mobile and modular shooting ranges, tactical training, weapons, munitions and equipment.

VSK Tactical culminates decades of experience, relationships and knowledge, to deliver sole source government integration. Our origin lies in solving a problem faced by most armed professionals—having sufficient time and accessibility to a convenient shooting range with which to maintain firearms proficiency.

Our Mobile Shooting Ranges were created to give professionals a definitive answer to this problem.  VSK delivers fully functional, self-contained shooting range to the grounds of any facility, providing a quiet, safe and a discreet environment for firearms training.  In addition to being ecologically friendly, our modular materials can be built into full size range or shoot house systems. Our unique mobile shooting ranges are configurable to suit your needs.  Our modular Green Range system provides customizable solutions for any location, or we can engineer a solution to retrofit an existing facility.

In support of our Mobile Shooting Range and modular Green Range system, the company provides tactical training for government, military, security and law enforcement personnel. These courses are offered at our facility in Miami, Florida or can be brought to you with a Mobile Shooting Range solution.  All of the instructors utilized by VSK Tactical have extensive military and/or law enforcement experience, and are available to deploy anywhere in the world. VSK provides government consulting and product procurement for foreign governments as well.*

VSK Tactical makes government integration easy and seamless by providing a sole source solution, by providing a variety of superior quality materials to support its clients, such as weapons, ammunition, specialized vehicles, body armor, night vision equipment and other tactical gear. 

VSK Tactical - Systems

VSK manufactures a unique mobile shooting range that is configurable to suit your needs.  We also offer a variety of custom solutions for your location, or we can engineer a solution to retrofit an existing facility.

VSK Tactical - Materials

VSK provides a variety of superior quality materials to support its clients, such as specialized vehicles, weapons, ammunition and tactical gear. 

VSK Tactical - Training 

VSK delivers specialized tactical training programs lead by top-notch certified instructors.  We offer a variety of courses at our facility located in Miami, or we can bring our training to you using our mobile ranges.

*in compliance with all United States and international laws that apply and govern such work



  • Doral, Florida USA

  • Vitória ES Brazil


      USA: +1 305 748 0513

      BR: +55 27 992741645

DUNS: 080354060


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