VSK Tactical provides support to Military, Government, Security and Law Enforcement agencies.    

Systems:  We manufacture superior modular shooting systems, starting with our Mobile Shooting Range which can be located on the grounds of any facility to provide a quiet, safe and discreet method of convenient repetitive training. Our modular Green Range system can also be configured to suit nearly any requirement.  In addition, our ecologically friendly system allows for the retrofit of existing ranges to meet the ever growing demands of the EPA.

Materials: VSK provides a variety of high quality materials to support its clients, such as specialized vehicles, weapons, ammunition and tactical gear.  Our materials are chosen to meet the rigorous and demanding requirements of our clientele.

Training: Layered on top of our systems and materials, the company provides specialized tactical training to government & military personnel, security and law enforcement agencies.  Our training courses are lead by top-notch certified instructors who bring real-world experience to their students.  Training is offered at our partner facility located in Miami, or we can bring our training to you.