Past Performace

Some Major Achievements:

  • Boeing: logistics support 20 A-KU + 03 TA-4KU Skyhawks from Kuwait (Brazilian Navy)

  • Boeing: technical support 23 A-4BR Skyhawk WDNS weapons delivery navigation systems (Brazilian Navy)

  • Steyr: sales of combat vehicles Scorpion SK-105  (Brazilian Navy Infantry)

  • Kongsberg: support Penguin Missile Program from S60-B (Brazilian Navy)

  • Sippican: sales of oceanography systems and components (Brazilian Navy)

  • L3 ShipAnalytics: sales of Maritime Simulators (Brazilian Navy) 

  • MFG : Underwater Accoustic Test Range Facility (Brazilian Navy) 

  • Pyser-SGI : sales of Rifles Night Vision Scopes (Brazilian Infantry) 

  • BF Goodrich: support AF-1 Ejection Seats, Test Bench and Project Design (Brazilian Navy)

  • Boeing: marketing Harpoon missiles (Brazilian Navy)

  • Undisclosure : Radar warning, Periscope Simulator, Accoustic-to-RF, Buoy Antennas, etc... (Brazilian Navy)

Project Management:


The VSK Group also provides project management services to the military   having been successfully involved in many different projects, serving as marketing, sales and financing agents in the following areas: meteorology; oceanography; systems for surface vessels; underwater warfare; simulators; training programs; general aviation systems and services; weapons & electronic systems; remote sensing and military satellite programs.


The company has supported the Brazilian Government on a number of programs such as:

  • Nuclear Program: performing procurement to NUCLEP (Nuclebras Heavy Equipment) and NUCLEN (Nuclebras Engineering) 

       (USA / France / Germany); (1987-1993)

  • Military Aerospace Program: supporting sales to Embraer

        (Venezuela and Colombia); (1985-1995)

  • Military Naval Program: supporting sales to Emgepron

       (Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Peru); (1986-2002)