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Major Hans Wilhelm Von Suckow [pronounced /von-sue-ko/] was born August 28th 1797 in the Castle of Warin, in the Duchy of Macklenburg, Prussia. Major Von Suckow was raised in a Military Family who dedicated themselves to the service of the Prussian Army, and the Breed and Creation of the Mecklenburgers Horses (later imported by the Imperial Government of Brazil.) Mecklenburgers, prior to World War II, were all-purpose utility horses and used primarily for the cavalry, transport, and agriculture.


Major Von Suckow was a German Military Officer and Entrepreneur. In 1815, at the age of 18, he participated in the Battle of Waterloo, where he led a battalion with the forces of Marshal Blücher.  Retired as a Lieutenant of the Prussian Army, he emigrated to Brazil in 1824 under contract with the Brazilian Army, where he served in the Foreign Corps and the Second battalion Grenadier, based in Sao Bento Monastery in Rio de Janeiro. Involved in a duel, he was arrested for several months. Acquitted and released, he was then promoted to Major and due to his attributes, was transferred to the General Staff of the Imperial Army to serve as a military instructor.  He was later retired from the Foreign Corps as a Major.

Major Von Suckow then adopted the name João Guilherme de Suckow; translating his own name into Portuguese Hans= João and Wilhelm=Guilherme, which means John William of Suckow. He remained in Rio and created a business of carriages and horses, where he imported, manufactured and rented carriages, and ultimately monopolized the transport service in the area.  Although he made a fortune with his carriage business, the racing of horses was his ruling passion. He was an active participant in the founding of three racing clubs in Rio de Janeiro:  The Racing Club in 1847; The Jockey Club Fluminense in 1854, and The Jockey Club in 1868, which has been Rio’s premier racing organization ever since. Even today, a week before the Grand Prix Brazil, a race is held at The Jockey Club in honor of Major Von Suckow.


Major Von Suckow died in Rio de Janeiro, on January 07, 1869, sadly without watching the first race at The Jockey Club.


Vinicius Bocaiuva, a decedent of Major Von Suckow, carries forward his esteemed heritage and founded The Von Suckow Group (VSK) in Brazil. VSK was formed to bring together marketing efforts for the International defense industry to meet a wide range of requirements driven by military end-users. Mr. Bocaiuva’s Naval and Engineering background was well suited for such an endeavor.


Through decades of experience and relationships, VSK provides privileged access for companies delivering goods and services to the military and other government agencies. VSK’s expertise is also applied to its military project management services which has covered a diverse scope of projects such as meteorology; oceanography; systems for surface vessels; underwater warfare; simulators; training programs; general aviation systems; weapons & electronic systems; remote sensing and military satellite programs.



VSK expands its operations by supporting direct government contract procurement and fulfillment.


VSK Tactical is formed in the USA after the successful development and manufacture of its Mobile Shooting Range in Brazil in partnership with the Brazilian company Safetywall, with the purpose to sell and support its shooting systems.   In addition, the company began to provide specialized tactical training to government & military personnel, security and law enforcement agencies, along with offering related armaments, munitions and tactical gear.  

The Jockey Club, Rio de Janeiro

Major Hand Wilhelm Von Suckow

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